Who we are and what we’re doin!

Hey there! I’m Courtney and I’m writing this blog with my girlfriend, Hillary.

First and foremost, we’re thrifty – which is just a pretty way of saying we’re CHEAP. We set out on September 15th, 2015 to backpack for 6 months through SE Asia on next to nothing. Our first flight was into Colombo, Sri Lanka, and after a month we flew into Madurai. The plan from there was to make our way up through India and into Nepal where we had found a cheap flight out of Kathmandu. Since overland border crossings aren’t possible in Myanmar, we couldn’t utilize cheap ground travel options en route to Thailand. But then south Goa happened. After two weeks with some fantastic people, great food, drinks, late nights, beaches, and deep conversations, life seemed to change. Several new opportunities arose, and some fresh ideas were considered. A new direction seemed to take it’s natural course.

So long story short, it looks like we are applying for some Australian working holiday visas and will temporarily take advantage of a WorkAway.info opportunity at a surf camp in Byron Bay. In the meantime you can find us hanging out in Malaysia. Be sure to check in and see where this crazy journey leads us!

A little about us:

I have moved around and traveled quite a bit but have spent the last seven years living in Bloomington, Indiana where I met Hillary about two years ago. I worked in disability care for six years and recently resigned, sublet my place and sold most of my things. Hillary downsized as well, and now we own about four boxes of things between the both of us. We have been visiting friends and family, as well as doing a bit of couch surfing state-side to save on rent. Just a few months ago she landed her dream job as a Catastrophic Loss Adjuster and is now able to take several months off without consequence (like I said, dream job). We thought now to be as good a time as any for us to take our first real trip together. Hillary has never been out of the country, and since returning from a 5 month Europe backpacking stint in January of 2014, I’ve been itching to get away again. So I hope you’ll accompany us during our travels, and indulge in our adventures. I’m confident some great stories await!

May the thrill always be worth the risk



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