Beef – It’s not what’s for dinner… (in India)

What? Is this not the cow lane?
First and foremost, there’s always a cow lane in India

.. and beach bummin it after a hard day's work
And of course the coastal towns attract the “beach bum” or “hippie” beef, in search of enlightenment and enrolling in yoga classes.
Who says romance is dead?
Beef has a heart, and can be extremely sentimental… especially on romantic dates with ocean views
... it's runs alongside moving vehicles - who needs dogs? Think outside the box!
… it thinks outside the box. Who says the adrenaline rush of chasing moving vehicles is just for dogs?
Walk-and-Turn Sobriety Test. Two out of four? Not bad.
Despite the general consensus of the herd, every now and again beef also needs some “me” time. And what better way for some peace and quiet than a lovely stroll to the market on a lazy afternoon
Last one to town is a rotten egg!
For the youngsters, a day isn’t complete without a game of last-one-to-town-is-a-rotten-egg!
I guess I'll just pop a squat here. Everyone else is doing it.
People watching is also a hobby among city beef, who love to be smack dab in the middle of the hustle and bustle
Beach party! Now who brought the volleyball?
Regardless of how crazy things can get in India. Networking, socializing, and staying connected with friends and family is important in the beef community, so a little beach party is always welcome

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