We’re not pirates! (unless we’re drunk at Mardi Gras)


 When you google search “Swashbuckle” don’t be surprised when you’re bombarded with images of pirates, complete with bandanas and parrots. And although we don’t dress the part on a daily basis, or while sober, we embrace the persona affiliated with the term. Who wouldn’t want to “engage in daring and romantic adventures” or be considered a daredevil?  So don’t let the fact that we aren’t pirates deter you … small details. With that said, let’s get right to it: Adrenaline and The Rule of Thumb.

When it comes to an adrenaline rush I have a general rule of thumb: Is the thrill worth the risk? If so, engaging in said activity is clearly a no-brainer. However, if at any time I find myself thinking, “Meh … if this goes bad, I’m just not sure it’d be worth it.”  Well, that’s when I break the rule and I do it anyway. As Win Borden famously said …


I have found myself mulling over these words several times over the course of my life. Just a few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I took our 6 yr old niece to Mt. Olympus where she insisted we ride their skycoaster, The Almighty Hermes. Safely in a harness and tethered to a cable, all three of us began our ascent 14 stories into the air. The farther we climbed, the more I took note of how high 14 stories really is. People looked like ants, and the higher we went the more cement loomed beneath us. Slowly, the grave realization that chances of survival were slim if there were to be a quick snap of the cable began to take a cold grip on my inner composure. As we were about to pull the cord that would send us plummeting towards the unforgiving concrete below, I revisited my rule of thumb. Is the thrill worth the risk? BLOGPIC There was a determined countdown from 3 as I frantically uttered a few choice words, quickly followed by a deafening shriek. The cord was pulled. The plummet ensued. And the shriek, I feel obliged to say, didn’t come from the 6 year old, who took the free fall like a boss and practically begged to go again.

For me, there’s not a whole lot better than doing something you’re proud you did. And that’s true across the board. Here’s a few things I’ve done in no particular order;

Cave swimming in Mexico (take a look!), parasailing with Cap’n John off the coast of Folly Beach, and ziplining through the Mega Cavern in Louisville. I’ve sat on the edge of the Grand Canyon, and survived a packed and stifling bus ride that weaved through narrow hairpins on an old mule track to the Almalfi Coast. I crossed Europe’s highest suspension bridge, the Cliff walk, which is situated near the peak of Mt. Titles in Engleburg, Switzerland and went hangliding with Birdie the Birdman in Interlaken just a days trip away. I went hot air ballooning in Cappadocia at sunrise on a winter morning, and wolf and bear tracking in the Carpathian Mountains…


And although the closest we came to bears were some cub prints and matted hair stuck to a glob of tree sap, it definitely COULD have been life threateningly dangerous…and that’s alright, because hey, I swashbuckle. It’s how I do.

Which brings us back to where we started; We don’t own parrots or rock the bandana while we count out our silver, as perhaps you’d think two swashbuckling femmes might do. But the romantic adventures are bountiful! And as we embark on our backpacking journey during the next several months, we’ll be blogging frequently, adding pictures, info on places we stay, reviews, prices, transportation, and much more. Beginning in Colombo, Sri Lanka mid-September, making our way up through India, exploring much of SE Asia, (and if money allows) flying over to New Zealand, Tasmania, and Australia, nearing the end of our trip by the first of April.

So be sure to check in with us! But don’t just sit there living vicariously through our upcoming pics and videos; it’s our hope that you’ll find the inspiration to Go. Do. Live. And if the moment arises – Swashbuckle. We won’t tell 🙂

Until next time, may the thrill always be worth the risk!


3 thoughts on “We’re not pirates! (unless we’re drunk at Mardi Gras)

  1. Looks to me like you are leading a very boring, hum drum life. Yea right! 4 more days to departure. Can’t wait to read all about it and get my post cards. Be safe. Love you!

    Liked by 1 person

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